Validvictorian Productions has two very simple goals: 

  • Create television, film and web content that entertains, engages, and centers traditionally underrepresented audiences.

  • Create work opportunities for underrepresented persons in front of and behind the camera. 

We have have endless amounts of creativity, knowledge of entertainment trends, distribution platforms, and filmmaking technology. We have a wide network of contacts with experience in producing, directing, marketing, and budget management. 


We’ve seen the positive ripple effects of diverse and inclusive storytelling and how it can inspire, uplift and motivate. We've also seen how profitable inclusion can be despite claims stating otherwise. There are no more excuses for not having our voices heard. 


We’re here.


We’re ready.


Join us.  

*Yes, we know validvictorian is not a word, but we just couldn't let it go unused. 

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